When you contract with me you are the client.  To protect the confidentiality of both you and your client I have decided not to publish writing samples from previous cases.  A current redacted writing sample may be provided upon request, with the permission of both my client and their client.

Here are some examples of writings I have successfully Drafted or Edited :

  • Criminal appellate briefs in Divisions I and II for the Washington State Court of Appeals
  • Civil and criminal appeals to the Washington State Supreme Court
  • Petition for review to the Washington State Supreme Court
  • Memorandum comparing and contrasting Washington law with federal law and the other states’ laws
  • Settlement agreements
  • Demand letters
  • Complaints for unlawful detainer, breach of contract and more
  • Pre-trial motions including motions for summary judgment and motion opposing summary judgment
  • Motion for intervention
  • Post trial motions such as motions for reconsideration
  • Contracts
  • Leases
  • Policies for non-profit volunteer handbook
  • Opinion letters

Please note: Past results should not be relied upon to predict future outcomes and results cannot be guaranteed

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