Erin was extremely knowledgeable and was very helpful in my case. If you’re looking for an experienced professional with a friendly demeanor then put your trust in her. I’m glad to have worked with Erin and if I am ever in need of legal assistance I will use her again.” – Satisfied Tenant in Mill Creek

Understanding your options is the first step to resolving your legal issue. A Legal Diagnostic™ is a limited service in which you have the opportunity to discuss your situation with an attorney. The attorney will help you understand your situation, identify your legal rights, and make an informed decision on how to move forward.

If you are a residential or commercial tenant who has questions about the terms of your lease, early termination of your lease, a notice you received, how to get your deposit back, or other questions a Legal Diagnostic™ is designed for you.

You may use a Legal Diagnostic™ to get your questions answered or you may use it to determine whether you want to pursue legal action.

A Legal Diagnostic™ is $450.