Tenant advocacy is much more than just litigation. It ranges from writing a letter to your landlord on your behalf or answering a complaint brought against you to collect past rent to negotiating a settlement for property damages.

In order to determine what type of advocacy you need we recommend completing a Legal Diagnostic™ first.  That way you will only pay for the services you need.

Legal Advocacy may include:

  • Request for Repairs
  • Negotiated Early Termination
  • Documenting a Dispute
  • Responding to a Complaint
  • Negotiating a Settlement for Property Damage
  • Demanding the Return of Your Deposit
  • A Letter Outlining Your Rights
  • Objections to Your Deposit Accounting
  • Negotiating New Lease Terms
  • Request for the Return of Your Holding Fee
  • Collective Bargaining with Multiple Tenants