When you work with Erin Sperger, PLLC you can first and foremost expect competence. You can also expect quality legal research and writing. I am a legal research and writing attorney whose practice is focused on working with attorneys and non attorneys to provide in depth, current persuasive legal authority.  I then use that authority to communicate it persuasively in a brief or to create a reliable contract, settlement agreement, or other document.

Competence – As a researcher, I am experience in locating authority using resources I have collected and tested keyword searches. As an editor, I can provide fine editing such as going over grammar and sentence structure or broad feedback.  I can locate weak spots in your arguments so you are able to defend them.

Confidentiality – When you contract with me, you are my client.  I keep your confidence the way you keep your clients’ confidences.  I do not reveal your name or anything about your case unless I have your express permission.  I also keep your client’s information confidential.  To protect the confidentiality of both you and your client, I do not post writing samples from your cases on my website.  I may provide an attorney with a redacted writing sample from your case with your permission and the permission of your client.

Conflict Checks –  I keep a record of all attorneys I have previously worked with, who their client was in that case, the opposing parties and the opposing parties’ counsel. Before our initial consultation, I perform a thorough conflict check against all of those parties.

Security – To avoid any leaks, I do not use Dropbox or other unsecured electronic storage. My representation agreement outlines further details for protecting documents and client confidentiality.


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