Eviction Defense Through Show Cause Hearing

When a landlord wants to evict you, they must file a lawsuit called an unlawful detainer action.
In this kind of action things happen very quickly. An eviction can take as little as two and a half weeks, so it is important that you contact an attorney immediately if you receive any papers from your landlord.

Many times a dispute can be settled through negotiation. If both parties are unable to come to an agreement, the case will proceed to a show cause hearing. This is a tenant’s opportunity to present a defense.

Three things can happen at a show cause hearing:

  1. The case can be dismissed
  2. The court can rule in favor of one party
  3. The case can be set for trial*

I represent tenants through the show cause hearing for a flat fee.

*If the case is set for trial, I require a new fee agreement and a deposit of $4,000.

Eviction Defense at Trial

If a dispute is unable to be resolved and is set for trial I offer full representation for trial.

Illegal Lockouts (Forcible Detainer) – Statutory attorney fees

Washington does not allow self-help evictions. If you have been locked out of the property without going through the judicial eviction process, it may be an illegal lockout. I provide representation at no cost to the tenants. If you prevail, I collect attorney fees from the landlord as allowed by the statute.