What Can a Legal Writer and Researcher Do For You?

Document Review
The document drafting process can be complex and tedious. Sometimes you are left with a document filled with cut and pasted paragraphs and disjoined sentences. I can help streamline the document by going through and making the necessary revisions, while keeping the original thoughts intact.

The same goes for other final proofing. How much time would you save if someone did the final read through and made sure that the document was readable and made sense? Let me review it for you.

Law Review
I regularly read, analyze, and compile opinions on a wide variety of practice areas from Washington State Supreme Court, Divisions I, II and III of Washington Court of Appeals and the Ninth Circuit. In addition, I attend oral arguments for the Courts of Appeal and Ninth Circuit. I also stay informed of proposed and newly enacted rules and local and state legislation. Let my research benefit you.

When you purchase the Law Review service package statutory authorities and precedential cases are thoroughly checked, and I may recommend other sources that are more on point or more recent.

Legal Research
Do you have a winning case, but are short on binding case law to support your legal theories? Maybe you need additional authority to solidify your arguments. Let me bolster your current argument or help create a more persuasive one.

Do you need help finding sources or getting started? Let me help you find sources including federal and state case law, statutes, legislative history and more. I have even helped locate foreign codes.

Document Drafting
Creating brilliant arguments is one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a lawyer. Having the time to type out those arguments in a memo, brief, or motion can be daunting for busy attorneys.

My Document Drafting service package allows me to organize your arguments in a coherent manner, put your ideas to paper, and save you time in the process. Let me assist you on whatever level you need whether it is drafting the document from scratch, expanding your thoughts or drafting particular sections.

Appellate Assistance
Maybe you routinely handle appeals, or maybe you would like to start. Either way, let me help you.

The first step in an appeal is identifying the issues from the trial transcript followed by hours of research before you get to the drafting stage. It is usually important to research collateral, jurisdictional, or supplemental issues.

With my Appellate Assistance service package, I read and summarize trial transcripts, research collateral issues, identify issues, and write appellate briefs.

Briefs and motions must conform to specific criteria. Do you know what those criteria are? Did you budget time to format? If not, let me format it for you. I can create a title page, insert the correct margins and page numbers, or I can review your writing to make sure the fonts are consistent and the cites are correctly formatted.

Tables of Authorities and Contents
Appellate briefs must include a table of authorities and a table of contents. Can you create these tables efficiently? If not, let me help you. I can review your document, make sure all long and short cites are correct, and place them in the appropriate, correctly formatted table of authorities. I put your headings and subheadings in a neatly formatted table of contents. I can create these tables quickly, to get your document out the door.

Combination of Packages
These packages are a suggestion based on the services I provide. You may need more than one package or a combination of several packages. I provide a free consultation where together we will decide how I can best serve your needs.

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