If you are facing an eviction here are some common terms to help you navigate the process:

Complaint – This is the document that outlines the landlord’s allegations against you.

Order to Show Cause – This is an order from the court to show up at the Show Cause Hearing. This document will tell you the courthouse, courtroom, and time you should arrive.

Pre-litigation Notice – A notice given to a tenant prior to filing an Unlawful Detainer

RCW 59.18.375 Notice – A notice requiring a tenant to either pay the amount the landlord claims is owed or swear under oath it is not owed.

Show Cause Hearing – A court hearing where the tenant is required to appear and show cause why he or she should not be evicted. This is your chance to present any defense you may have to the eviction.

Summons – This is the paper that tells you where and when to respond.

Unlawful Detainer – A lawsuit to evict you

Writ of Restitution – A document ordering the sheriff to remove you from the property and give possession back to the landlord

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