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Do you find the transition between litigation and legal research and writing frustrating?

Do you want to expand your practice?

Do you lose sleep completing briefs on time?

Do you wish you had a better work-life balance?

Do you wish you had another attorney to discuss ideas with and to review your writing?

Erin SpergerA Contract legal research and writing attorney can lighten your workload by providing the support you need at both trial and appellate levels.


As your contract legal research and writing attorney, I help you:

Build your practice

Perhaps you want to spend more time in court or communicating with your clients. Contracting with a legal research and writing attorney may provide the breathing room you need to focus on your practice.

Expand your practice

You may need help with legal research, writing briefs, motions or other documents. You may even be turning away potential clients. If you find yourself in this situation, consider contracting with me for those services. My fees are reasonable and you only pay for the work that I complete under our contract.

Accomplish your personal goals

Contracting with me may allow you time to enjoy life outside of work.  Imagine what you would be free to explore without having to put in all the extra hours of research, writing, editing, citing and other tedious work.

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